artists in residence: Etap hotel Zürich

At one point last winter, when we were working on the Nest office in Zürich, we had to bring and install the Kite lamps we designed to Switzerland. So we drove there in Hans’ ancient Volvo with a bunch of metal and fabric in the back, hoping they would last the German highway, with the plan to put them together in the hotel. We had booked a cheap hotel in advance and paid no attention whatsoever to the characteristics of the room. Turns out, the rooms at the Etap hotel, Technopark, Zürich, are not that big. At all. Not to mention the very awesome, classic, early-nineties interior design of the room. So, with help of a bottle of wine, some potato chips and an endless sense of humor, we found ourselves sitting on the bed in the tiny room, surrounded by packaging material and other crap, putting the lamps together in the middle of the night.. Of course I knocked over a paper cup filled with coco-scented shampoo that we were using as a lubricant to connect the lamps, onto the bed, so Hans smelled like a Gogo-dancer for the next 2 days. 🙂


iErnest, Hemingway’s preferred choice in leather iPhone wallets

We designed an iPhone wallet, and we’re producing them ourselves from quality leather. More information and ordering at:

more blurred photos/ hans

bamboo table

article on the Molkenstrasse project in Frame mag online!

NYC through my Smena camera / floortje

These are some pictures I took in NYC with my old Russian camera. I did not edit or photoshop them, this is what came out, straight from the film. Always a surprise to see what she comes up with!

molkenstrasse 21